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Lankarama Vihara is a traditional Theravada Buddhist Temple established in Sydney that promotes Dhamma, the teachings of Buddha in Australia. There are three residing Sri Lankan Buddhist monks regularly conducting Dhamma sermons in Sinhala and English and fulfilling religious requirements of the Buddhist community.

Benefits to You

  • Find Peace of Mind, Become Happier
  • Develop Wisdom and mindfulness
  • Send your child to a Dhamma School
  • Reduce day to day stress
  • Special religious programs for youth
  • Participate in mediation programs
  • Listen to Dhamma sermons
  • Blessing for students, patients, mothers
  • Buddhist funeral services
  • Participate in daily religious programs

Upcoming Events

Friday, April 19, 2024 / 8:00 PM : 11:59 PM
Commemoration of Sangawasa Building Refurbishment and Late Mrs. Nancy Nona (Friday, 19 April 8:00 pm – Saturday, 20 April 1:00 pm)

The Pirith Sajjayana will be live streamed via Lankarama YouTube channel from 8pm on Friday, 19 April 2024. Please follow the link below to watch online via YouTube; YouTube Link: Pirith Sajjayana Live Stream Alternatively,…

Lankarama Calendar - 2024

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Venerable Pundit Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero

Venerable Pundit Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero

Venerable Nayaka Pundit Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thera is the Chief Incumbent of Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara – Lankarama , Schofield , Sydney – NSW and The  Pradhana Sangha Nayaka (Chief Prelate)  of the Malwatta Chapter of the Siamese Sect in Australia. He has been serving the Buddhist Community from the very early stages of Lankarama, which was established by SLVBA. It is important to record that he took untiring efforts with the SLVBA for the development and expansion of its services to Sri Lankan and other communities in Australia.



“සබ්බදානං ධම්මදානං ජිනාති”
“Sabbha Danan Dhamma Danan Jinathi”
“The Gift of Dhamma Excels All Other Gifts”
It is your generous contributions made it possible to develop infrastructure and maintain  Lankarama Vihara to provide great services to our community for their religious and mental wellbeing.
Your continuous support by making donations will immensely help Lankarama Vihara to continue with its services.

Latest News & Events

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Lankarama Vas Program 2023

Religious Program During Three Months Vas 2023

Lankarama Food Fair
Lankarama Food Fairs – 2023/2024

Lankarama Food Fairs on
12 August 2023
and 17 February 2024

Opening Hours

9 am – 7:30 pm
Every day

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35 Oak St, Schofileds NSW 2762
Tel: (02) 9627 2594

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