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Lankarama Vihara is a traditional Theravada Buddhist Temple established in Sydney that promotes Dhamma, the teachings of Buddha in Australia. There are three residing Sri Lankan Buddhist monks regularly conducting Dhamma sermons in Sinhala and English and fulfilling religious requirements of the Buddhist community.

The temple is opened to anyone who is interested in learning Buddhism and practicing Buddhist way of life.

Lankarama provides the following services to the community

  • Monthly Adult Sil programs
  • Monthly Children Sil programs
  • Monthly Adult Meditation Programs
  • Monthly Dhamma Sermons
  • Dhamma Sermons by Visiting Monks
  • Evening Buddha Pooja & Pirith Chanting
  • Youth Religious Programs/Workshops
  • Sunday Dhamma School
  • Vesak and Poson Celebrations
  • Vas Aradhana (Rainy Retreat) and Katina Ceremonies
  • Atavisi Buddha Puja and Thesaththa Gnana Puja
  • Blessings for the New Year and Sinhalese New Year
  • Special Blessings for HSC and Selective School Entrance Exam Students
  • Hospital and Home Visits/Blessings
  • Buddhist Blessings for Weddings & Birthdays
  • Buddhist Library Service
  • Online and Face-to-Face Counselling Services
  • Buddhist Funeral Service Rituals
  • Humanitarian/Compassionate Projects

How you can involve yourself with Lankarama

  • Participate in the daily religious activities, Buddha pooja, Chanting, Blessing and Pirith
  • Observe Sil every month
  • Participate in meditation programs
  • Participate in dana
  • Participate in Vesak celebrations, observe sil, Vesak Lanterns, Devotional singing
  • Utilise traditional Buddhist funeral services
  • Bless your sick ones in hospital visits by Bhanthes for blessing
  • Send your child to a Dhamma Schools.
  • Use of the Buddhist Library at Lankarama
  • Send your young children for the religious programs for the youth
  • Encourage your teenage children to become a youth member
  • Bring your child doing HSC for Blessings for HSC students
  • Join Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara Association (SLBVA) as a Member
  • Come to a Food Fair organised by SLBVA
  • Run a stall to help raise funds to run and develop Lankarama
  • Volunteer as an individual or as a group for the up keep and maintenance of Lankarama


The Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara Association of Sydney Incorporated was established in 1991 as a charitable organisation, in keeping with the requirements of NSW government regulations for fund raising and associated activities of the Temple.

SLBVA provides Sri Lankan and broader Buddhist community with association membership of following categories:

  • Regular member
  • Life member
  • Associate member

The primary responsibilities of SLBVA are to:

  • make sure the well-being of residing monks
  • maintain its infrastructure
  • co-ordinate and organize all the services with guidance and patronage of the chief incumbent Megahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero

SLBVA is governed by a management committee, under the guidance and patronage of the chief incumbent Megahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero. It is elected at the AGM by the membership.


The Lankarama Buddhist Youth Group (LBYG) is based in Sydney, Australia, branched from the Sri Lankan Buddhist Vihara Association (SLBVA) in Schofields, NSW. At a current membership of well over 240 individuals, the LBYG is one of Sydney’s most prominent youth groups. The LBYG offers a mixture of activities for the youth to connect and contribute to the betterment of the wider community while providing a space to interact and socialise with their peers.

LBYG Website

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9 am – 7:30 pm
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35 Oak St, Schofileds NSW 2762
Tel: (02) 9627 2594

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