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Meditation is one of the core practices of the Buddhist teaching.  It helps to train our mind and cultivate kindness, empathy and eventually gain the wisdom.

Mindfulness practice brings relaxation, mental stability and calmness in daily life.

Lankarama Viharaya conduct Monthly full day meditation retreat with the guidance of the residential monks.

These sessions  are normally conducted in Sinhala language on Saturdays from 8.30 am and finishes at 5.30pm. Bhanthes are providing all the guidance required during the session and therefore no prior knowledge is require to take part in these sessions.

In addition to monthly sessions  Vihara is also conduct occasional meditation programs in English for various community groups and specially meditation retreats with the help of invited venerable monks.

Ongoing Programs

Lankarama Viharaha offers various Religious programmes for the benefit of its devotees and wider community. Weekly regular programmes include offering Danaya to Venerable resident Theros, Buddha Puja, evening Gilanpasa Buddha Puja etc.

Whole day Meditation program  and Sil Observance are some of the monthly activities conducted by the temple.

The annual events include Vesak celebration, Poson celebration, Vas Aradhanawa, Katina Pinkama and New Year celebration etc. These programmes are planned and organised by SLBVA and conducted by resident and invited venerable monks under the direction of the Chief Incumbent Thero with the support and participation of mainly the Buddhist community living in Sydney.

Some of the programs may not happen due to the COVID-19 pandemic  so please contact the temple or refer our upcoming event schedule before planning to attend the programs.

Children and Youth

Being the future of the Buddhist community, children and youth are always the key focus of every activity of Lankarama Viharaya.

Lankarama Sunday school is the main opportunity for children to join the journey into the Buddhist philosophy , tradition and culture  at very younger age.

Dhamma school nourishes the timid minds of the blooming childhood to filter the good from evil in the life. As well as it started with objective of imparting a comprehensive knowledge Buddhist philosophy and Sri Lankan culture to your children. The skilled and the devoted staff of teachers guide the children in the Buddhapath ,enlighting their spirit, atitudes, talents and knowledge. The talented blooms of the Dhamma School keep up the top status of the Dhamma School in every field.

Lankarama Youth Group which is an establishment under SLBVA for youths and for those who have finished their Dhamma school to  be part of Lankamara  community. The group plays a vital role in every event taking place in the Vihara. This gives the participants a good opportunity to learn about leadership skill, practice the Buddhist concepts and closely associate the venerable monks and other Buddhist leaders.

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