Reverend Omare Somissara Thero

Rev. Omare Somissara Thero was ordained as a novice Buddhist monk in 1992 at the Sumathipala Nahimi Senasun Arana, at Kanduboda, Delgoda. He completed his Theravada Buddhism training leading to a higher ordination in 2001. During this time, he underwent training on Buddhist History, Buddhist Culture and Buddhist discipline. He conducted meditation retreats, conducted Buddhist religious activities of Theravada Buddhism, charting for blessing, and acquired a thorough knowledge and experience in conducting religious activities in a Theravada Buddhist temple.

Since 2017 at the Lankarama Temple he successfully carried out a variety of tasks to serve the Buddhist community in Sydney. His duties included evaluating the religious needs of the Buddhist community, conducting meditation retreats, conducting Buddhist religious activities of a Theravada Buddhism, chanting and conducting religious activities at the temple, conducting Buddhist religious activities related to funerals of Buddhist families, discourse of the doctrine of the Buddha to the general public and especially to the youth.

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