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Donations for renovations to improve “Lankarama Bhanthes” living quarters. 


“යොච සබ්බ දදො හොති සොදදාති උපස්සයං”
“යමෙන්ක් අවාස තනවා පුජ කරන්නේ නම් සියල්ල දන් දුන්න වන්නේය”
“Contributing to the construction of Bhanthes’ living quarters is considered great meritorious deed; Akin to donation all your possessions”


It is your generous contributions make it possible to develop the infrastructure facilities at Lankarama Vihara and provide great services to our community for their religious and mental wellbeing.

It has become vital to improve the Sangawasa Building for the wellbeing of our Ven Banthes and your contributions for this meritorious project will we highly appreciated by the Lankarama Devotees.

Please use the following bank account details for Electronic fund transfers  (EFT) your generous donations for vihara upkeep and maintenance.

Please note your mobile or phone number as the EFT transaction reference.

Account Name: The Lankarama Education and School Building Trust Fund

BSB: 062-232
Account: 1014 1678

To acknowledge your generous donation and post a receipt

 please include your “Transaction Reference” in the comment section with any other details in the personal information section below,


email your EFT receipt to with “Transaction Reference”, and the Donation form including your name and address.



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