• Residential Meditation Facility

    The Lankarama Vihara , a place of Buddhist meditation and worship catering for the religious and spiritual need of Buddhist community particularly of Sri Lankan origin was established in 1992. Since the inception in 1992, the Lankarama Buddhist Vihara has developed progressively to its current status as Council approved place of  worship.

    The essential items of a Sri Lankan Buddhist temple are:

    • Accommodation for the resident Buddhist priests
    • A meditation hall for practicing meditation and preaching of Buddhism and conducting Dhamma classes, particularly for children and youth.
    • A sacred Bo tree
    • A Stupa or relic room for depositing Buddha’s relic which also serves as a place for meditation
    •  A shrine room containing Buddha statue
    • Accommodation for devotees who practice meditation on extended periods (meditation retreats)
    • A natural vegetation for serenity and tranquility
    • Facilities for devotees- toilets, kitchen and a store rooms

    At present the temple consist of buildings which fulfills the needs of items 2,3, 4, 5 and 7 and item 1 partially.

    Currently, Lankarama conducts meditation classes only for a few hours duration. In order to achieve full benefit of the meditation, a devotee has to meditate for extended periods 2 to 10 days ( meditation retreats) using variety of techniques. The meditation retreats will help devotee to develop mindfulness, concentration, tranquility and insight.

    The current priests  quarters (Vihara)  provides accommodation only for three priests. As the number devotees increase, the number of resident monks need to increase. The proposed building provides two more  rooms for priests. It will also help to accommodate visiting Bhathes who come to the temple for Dhamma preaching and conducting mediation classes.

    Over 1000-2000 devotees attend Vesak and  Katina festivals every year. The Lankarama management committee hire temporary toilets for devotees paying thousands of dollars. Even during Sil programs, there are long queue of devotees to get into two female toilets and two male toilets.

    The building will consist of the following

    • Two dormitories with 10 beds
    • 10 toilets
    • A Kitchen
    • A store room
    • Two bedrooms for monks
    • 2 meter wide verandah in one side and a timber deck in other side

    Specification of the building;

    • Area – 352 m2 (building 215 m2+ Verandah 137 m2)
    • Timber deck – 52 m

    The cost of the building is estimated at $468,000.

  • The estimate excludes the following

    • Sewerage connection to a main or provision of on-site detention tank with pump out system
    • Timber deck
    • Toilet fittings
    • Kitchen Fitments

  • Foundation stone laying ceremony

  • January 1, 2015, New Year’s Day Sydney Lankarama Temple conducted various religious activities, and a very large number of devotees flocked to the Temple throughout the day to participate in these religious activities and receive the blessings of the Triple Gem for the New Year. On the New Year Day religious activities were commenced with the offering of “Kiri Ahara Pujawa” (milk-rice) to 28 Lord Buddhas and “Seth Pirith” chanting invoking blessings on devotees for the New Year.

    The Foundation Stone Laying Ceremony of the proposed Lankarama Residential Meditation Centre led by the Pradhana Sangha Nayaka of Malwatta Chapterof the Siamese Sect in Australia and the Chief Incumbent of the Sydney Lankarama Buddhist Vihara, Rajakeeya Pandith Venerable Meegahakumbure Dhammagavesi Thero, assisted by Venerable Thalangalle Siridhamma Thero and Venerable Boralasgamuwe Supesala Thero was the key religious ceremony of the day. The foundation stone of the Meditation Centre was laid on the auspicious time 10.30am and hundreds of devotees witnessed this historic event. Donations and pledges received from devotees throughout the day towards the construction of the proposed meditation centre were remarkable.

    New Year’s Day evening “Ata Visi Buddha Pujawa” was held in the presence of a very large gathering of devotees. The day’s religious activities were concluded with chanting of Seth Pirith by Maha Sangha invoking the blessings for devotees.

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